check this piece of sht out. He goes around Edmonton high as fck on meth and heroine getting young girls addicted to either of them and manipulates them so he can pimp them out to help pay off his debts and support his addiction. He’s 40 years old dressing like he’s 20 he uses needles and I sure would sleep with this guy unless your wanting the gift that giving or the DRD he’s sure to give you a real treat. Look how gross and sweaty and high this guy looks in his picture. Get over the pipe dream buddy and sober up maybe dress your age cause really you look like you have DRD from your needle use already and you ain’t doing yourself any favours with that picture. No wonder his last 2 ex gfs got restraining orders on him he’s a creep stalker. Nic I think people like him really need a reality check don’t you? Or maybe even rehab