So here is Tyler Stetchman and savanna auger, where do I even start with these two?? They are both two faced lying a55 drama causing pigs. Tyler runs around making promises to everyone he comes in contact with knowing he won’t follow through, uses people for a place to stay then runs when his pockets are filled, he’s been in the care of alberta since I can ever remember because no one wants to deal with his wish washy attitude, lies and his unpredictability. He’s been with savanna on and off for god knows how long. They can’t stay together for more than 2 weeks and then they break up again..with child in tow. She’s a dirty nasty pig who*re who can’t keep her legs and her mouth shut. Her place is trashed with fast food wrappers and god knows what else her daughter is crawling through. She sits in her room all day with her baby, texting orders and requests to whoever she’s sleeping with at the time..yes she will text you from the other room to bring her and more food. She’s pregnant again and claiming it’s tylers but we all know you slept with at least 3 other guys around that time. Tyler got settlement from the government and she made sure that she would be right there spending it all..I can’t wait til youre both broke af and looking for help again. Tyler, you’ve lost all your family..don’t ever come back