I’ve been with my fiancé, now husband for 4 years. I have dealt with several women he cheated on me with, but this fat bitch Uniique takes the cake. This girl claims to be a lesbian but is confused because she was pregnant not that long ago. She plays childish games to be messy and try and start stuff all the time. She’ll tag him in pics of FB of his kids while we were together, make comments on his pics and knew very well we were together because he told her so. She would come to my house and have sex with him in my bed and God knows where else all over my house.

One day, in 2012 I came home from work one day and got directly into the shower. Long behold I hear a woman’s voice saying “N**ga where’s my shit.” It’s a woman’s voice so I get out of the shower And Uniique is standing there. When I start asking my husband who the fat bitch is looking for her clothes, he grabs her and walks out. Then, She walks back in with her lackey, Jada who looks like she licks her ass. My then fiancé, escorts them Out of our apartment.

I got dressed, ran outside and demanded to know who she was and why she was just walking into my house. She then Replied for me to ask him and I tried to fight him and her. Jada and Uniique ran off before the police were called.  In February 2014 I discovered she was still trying to talk to my man and I finally emailed her on FB and I told her to stop. She gave me her number and we talked and I told her to stay away from him. She continues to harass us and try to contact my husband’s baby mama’s to try and keep in touch with his kids. My husband and I are trying to keep our relationship together but this fat, messy bitch keeps trying to come into his life. Uniique Carroll is a disgusting, trifling, fat, gap tooth bitch who belongs on here as #1. She not only gave him Chlamydia but also trichomoniasis. So be careful ladies because if she starts sleeping with your man, or woman, this nasty whore is like a roach problem, she always lingers around.