I want to warn everyone about Kady Copeland! Nasty little American who came up to Canada to spread her legs for anything with a pulse. I wanted to warn everyone as she has already “blessed” my friend with an extra gift that keeps on giving haha. I have sat at this things place of employment and watched her do pepsi off the bar in front of customers. Do yourself a favor when you see her rotting teeth run the other way, save yourself the rash! Haha

You don’t move to America’s Hat unless you are running from something or someone. There has to be more to this story. Also, this post sucks. Canadians if you want to be Dirty Army- you need to work harder and smarter. Us Americans already think you are dumb and only procreate to stay warm in the winters… please blow our minds or move to Syria. I don’t have time for you calling your neighbor a “meth head with DRD”- that’s 92% of your culture. Give me more or go ice fishing. I decided