this here is Vanessa Jacques, aka Nessa Jacques on Facebook. I met her on POF recently. She’s 35 years old, but dresses and acts just like a high school girl. She goes around online looking for young, attractive men, more so those with money, because she wants a baby daddy. She’s got 2 kids, both with different guys. She claims she’s got no father, has been proposed to several times, married, abused and raped by every man in her life. Hard to believe, considering how she acts around men. I didn’t date her because all she did was spam me with messages if I didn’t answer her right away, assume I was busy with another woman and constantly ask me if I don’t want to talk to her anymore. I was at work. Then without even asking, she just starts sexting me and sending me pictures of her t*ts. At this point, we’d only be conversing for a few days and hadn’t even met. Proves she’ll go for anything with a Greg. She kept going on about her exes and into graphic details of her “sexually/physically abusive” past and then changing the subject to how she misses being in the comfort of a man’s arms. Pardon me? Something is severely wrong with this woman, and I’d recommend any man that sees her on online dating sites, to completely avoid her. She’s f**king crazy. I had another guy message me on Facebook asking if I was talking to this psycho, and he told me she kept harassing him even though he had a wife, after randomly attempting to add him. So clearly she will go for married men too! What a floozy!