So, my husband and I had just moved to Fort Hood when this bitch had the nerve to start talking to him. When I first found their texts in his phone I called her and let her know he had a wife and a three month old son and that their relationship needed to END. I kicked him out because I couldn’t stand being near him, but with the promise that we would work on our marriage. Come to find out, this b##ch was living with him after I told her he was married! Then when he was leaving her, she claimed she was pregnant. she said she was going to keep it, but he told her he had no interest in her or the baby, so she said she needed money for an abortion. I found out she had a boyfriend, so I told him she was pregnant (which I never believed to begin with) and she told him my husband had raped her at a party and that she had already had an abortion all the while texting my husband begging for him back! She is seriously one f##ked up individual patrolling for cash which she uses to buy likes and followers on instagram (proven to be true). Keep ya husband’s away from this piece of trash!