This post is about a dirty little stripper/porn actress/webcam slut. She calls herself Mariah Huss, Mariah Husston, Hussyitalia and italiahussyy. Those are just a few of her stripper names. Her REAL name is Victoria Omlor. Anyway… My husband and I split up for a year and during this time he met HUSSY at our local strip club. She lives in Dallas but comes to our town to dance or whatever…. So they hook up kind of. I mean I guess they were just sleeping together whenever she would come here to work. Of coarse he and I never really stopped seeing each other the whole time. We never missed a holiday or anything. Anyway… She claimed pregnancy which this time she actually was pregnant. Meaning she had said this several times before to get abortion money from my husband…. Which she has had 7 of them. Well she wanted money to abort and my husband said no. So he calls me tells me she’s prego… Me being the person I am told him to marry her so she could have insurance and good prenatal care. Plus I never thought he and I would officially get back together.

So he married her. It lasers 6 was and she was gone. He and I move back in together right away. Like we never missed a beat. He was so relieved that she was gone. He didn’t realize how fake she was. You see they met at a strip club when she was all done up to dance. Then they stayed in touch via social media which can definitely make one out to be what they aren’t. So when they did the quickie wedding at the JP they got an apt and he tried for 6 weeks. He just hated her. He then realized what she was really like. He didn’t know she did porn and web cam videos on top of being a stripper. He didnt know she had sued several strip clubs over strippers wages and she had been married multiple times before. He also didn’t know that everything about her body is fake. She takes hours a day to look JUST LIKE ME! From her butt implants(mine is real.. I have a squat booty) to her fake blonde weave (I’m a natural blonde) nails eyes tan you name it she’s got a fake out lol. Long story short he didn’t know what he got himself into. She’s lazy fat can’t cook and has a cat. He hates cats. So long story short she took off told us it wasn’t his kid and we didn’t hear from her until the kid was six months old. She went to court behind my husbands back and filed for child support in which they take out of his check. Well they did until I put that to a stop. Anyway… We are doing a DNA and will move forward from there but this just goes to show that real love wins. She spent a lot of time and money trying to take my man. Look where he is. Right here at home where he wants to be. He made a mistake and didn’t know the kind of girl she was…. I know Hence strip club! I’ll get off I just wanted to warn other people about her. She works at rocks Cabernet in Dallas and midland tx , club XTC in Dallas, jags in Dallas, you can find all her info on Instagram as Hussyitalia/ Mariah Husston/ Huss/hussy. Or facebook! Oh and she claims to be the “baddest bitch” on her she’s so “bad” but couldn’t take my husband. Even by trapping him with a child!!