Well this is LANCE IRON also goes by lance morin. Hes from prince albert sask but lives in edmonton. Thinks he’s in H.A thinks hes the #1 hustler lmao yeah if you consider living off the government living off your mom a hustler then yes! Anyways he likes to spread his dirty little c0ck tail wiener around anywhere he can , meanwhile not telling the poor girl’s hes with he has infected with DRD and DRD. He has a child in saak hes met once and never supports je has another 4 in Alberta also which he doesnt support (SURPRISE) Hes just a big useless bastard that loves to destroy anyones life he gets tje chance to be in. He will literally take everything from you but giving you an DRD in return. If you ever get the unfortunate privilege to meet this snake RUN as fast as you can the other way… oh forget to mention hes also up on some pretty serious charges (15years)