this is Holly Ann Jennings, one of the worst people you could possibly meet. Holly is a local self-proclaimed “freelance model,” but sleeps with all her photographers. From looking at some of her modeling and personal photos, anyone can see she’s a try-hard, wannabe goth/alternative chick. After cheating on her ex, she decided to falsely accuse him of things and pull the victim card so it wouldn’t ruin her reputation in Edmonton. Speaking of her ex, she’s going around social media making fake profiles of him to lure underaged girls to his mom’s house.

She bribes these young girls with weed, money, sex and promising a “good relationship” with a “bad boy.” This isn’t the first time she’s done this, as I said before she catfishes and harasses people for the fun of it. This woman is extremely manipulative and immature. She’s 34 and acts like a bratty teenage girl. Not someone you’d want as a friend or girlfriend for that matter! Whoever she dates, she will cheat on. Then she harasses and catfishes not only them, but their ex girlfriends as well. She did that with her ex’s ex girlfriend before her, stalked her on social media and attempted to look like her. Now they’re best friends apparently. Gross.

She’s also stalking him and his current girlfriend. Holly works as a pharmacist and steals pills to use at home. She’s become a pill junkie. It’s absolutely disgusting. Pretends she’s got all sorts of disorders and illnesses as well. When you take that many different medications and act like a psycho, of course you have problems lol. Stay away from Holly Ann Jennings, she’s all trouble!