this is Matthew Edward Galpin. He’s a cyber stalker and Criminal Harassment sociopath in Edmonton who is very well-known to the Edmonton Police Service and he has a Criminal Record. He has an amazingly super thin skin because even the most tiny insult or trivial disagreement will cause Matthew to become extremely offended and pissed off at you. He’s like an extremely mentally unstable time-bomb that’s just waiting to explode at any second. When you have offended Matthew in any way, no matter how tiny the offence was, he becomes obsessed with getting revenge on you and he spends years stalking harassing you online. He refuses to meet any of his victims face-to-face and hides behind his computer screen because he’s a huge wimp and fat disgusting coward. He can’t backup his words with physical attack, he only talks like a tough guy and that’s all. So he’s not a physical threat to any man or girl, he’s just a huge cyber bully and creepy cyber stalker which makes him a nuisance more than anything else. Even a pet cat could beat up Matthew, if he doesn’t stomp on the cat first. Matthew is just an extremely insecure, immature, lonely and sad boy trapped in an adults body. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t get any one to show up at his funeral. The kind of guy who lives sad and alone and he dies sad and alone. He even put his own brother Chris on TheDirty and he stalks and harasses his own family members online. Take just a second to let that thought sink in, what kind of sick person would post their own family on TheDirty too??? Obviously his family wants nothing to do with Matthew because of his disgusting and low-life behaviour. Matthew basically has deeply rooted insecurity mental issues and some kind of personality disorder or inadequacy and disillusion disorder. But so far he refuses to get any Professional Help. He can’t even get a girlfriend because he’s stalked and harassed so many women that every girl has heard about Matthew and they all know to avoid Matthew Edward Galpin at all costs. Not to mention that Matthew is a walking DRD Factory. Matthew will definitely read this post too so I’ll offer this to Matthew as a gesture of my goodwill, if you want to lose some weight and try to turn your life around then I’ll offer you a few free personal training sessions at my private studio Matty.