William and Jerry Weeks are back yard mechanics who take advantage of disabled people. Don’t use them these are the kind of people that are the ones who take advantage of handicapped people and their names are William and Jerry Weeks who live in Chattahoochee, Florida. William works for GOODWILL AUTO SALES IN Tallahassee, Florida. They take your vehicle and say they’re working on it and take your money upfront so they can get parts with it. But they lie to you when you call to check on their progress on it and keep you calling back again and again. Then after they had the vehicle for 8 months and $610.00 there were parts missing and the same motor that was originality it. The original deal was they would do the job for a $1,000.00 to put a new engine in it. When they first came to check jt they were told to check the timing in it first when they came after it to fix it. And since they did not fix it and I had to have it towed to another place to be stored and that cost $155.00 for it and do not have money to fix it yet because of this. William and Jerry Weeks and his nasty clan will get his day before his maker and we’ll see who is laughing then! I usually don’t bother to write anything like this but if I can help one person to Avoid getting RIPPED OFF by William and Jerry Weeks then its worth it.