This is William A. Shutter. He lives/works in Odessa Tx but frequents the Beaumont tx area. We’ve been married for almost three years and he’s cheated the entire time. Kept me “barefoot and pregnant” the whole time so he could go run around on me. I’ve caught him on several occasions sending/receiving nude pics, telling other women he loves them, buying engagement rings for other girls and telling them he hates me and our babies. We are currently going thru a divorce and when he’s supposed to see his children for visitation he chooses to go to strip clubs, bars, and sleep with whatever nasty drunk whore he can get his hands on instead of seeing his two beautiful daughters. He’s made so many lies and false accusations about me claiming I’m a dope head and I’m the one cheating and lying all while I sit at home with my 3 kids 24/7. He doesn’t care if the women are in a relationship or not. If he can talk them into it he’s going to have sex with them. Men BEWARE of this homewrecker!!!!!!