This woman Yagna (Lyb) Jogendra Patel met myself and my husband one night at a work gathering for my husband’s company. She was drunk and obnoxious and using all the guys that were around as a stripper pole and continue to tell anybody that would listen that she was going to “show” her husband and was telling anyone who would listen that she was divorcing him. She was coming on to all the guys and was drunk as a skunk and even told me in the bathroom how she was going to get even with her husband and that she was going to show him.

I immediately told my husband and his partner who are both there that evening that she was trouble and what she had said. They kind of laughed and agreed that she was being really aggressive. Within a few days she had started texting and emailing my husband and calling him. When I found out about it I asked him to not engage in any communication with her as I knew she was trouble and I reiterated the conversation that I had with her in the bathroom. Because I had access to the phone bills I could see every time that she was making calls to him and because text messages were saved on the account. I could see what they were talking about. Initially he did not respond for about 6 to 7 days but the minute he responded to one of her text she went all out in pursuit of him. He even texted her and told her that his wife was not comfortable with her texting him and she continued to do it. Two months later they are now hanging out and drinking and partying after work and meeting up a month after that they started sleeping together. For 7 months my husband spent $3,500 in hotel bills alone not including the wining and dining and had even taken her out of town with him on a business trip. After 7 months I had pretty much gotten close enough to discovering what was going on that he had told her he wanted it over. She argued with him and continue to contact him in an effort to have him continue with the affair. She would contact him via text message and call him while he was working on site and argue with him over the fact he wanted to end it. She had become possessive and demanding and everything he already had in a wife at home and he realized that and decided to end it. But before they could do that I found a hotel bill and started researching and found out the sort of history and was able to get screenshots of emails in contact and hotel bills I confronted him and he finally admitted it I immediately text messaged her and told her to stay away from my husband and she tried to play dumb initially until he text messaged her and told her it was me she was talking to and then she had the nerve to tell me that she loved my husband I told her to stay away from him. A week later she was still texting and calling and emailing him. 3 weeks later they were communicating via the WhatsApp on his phone to try and get around me seeing the communication still going on between them even though they weren’t screwing anymore. We are in counseling and trying to save the marriage and through all that even though she’s aware of it she continues to reach out to him and has even told him that if he doesn’t like it he can block her. He is asked her to stop contacting him via email which I have seen and also via phone call. She continues to email him and make every effort she can to contact him over tiny little stuff like links she sends him to things she knows that he likes such as hobbies and stuff that he is into. I have text messages, on more than one occasion advising her to stop all communication and she complained to him that I was threatening her and cried on his shoulder about how she knew he didn’t want her anymore.- yet she still continues to send him emails at work. My husband is old enough to be her father. She has a young son at home and she continues this Behavior knowing that my husband and I are in counseling knowing that we have six children together and that his dad lives with us. She has even gone so far as to give out my personal contact information so that I have had to change my number because I get random calls and text messages telling me they’re still screwing around or they’re still talking or that they really love each other and that they deserve to be together. Clearly all instigated by her. My information is not public and the only way they could have gotten the specifics and to know when I was at work and when I wasn’t was by talking to her. She has even specifically stated that she is not going to stop trying to contact him and if he doesn’t like it he can block her which has happened but after 8 weeks I’m telling her to leave him alone and to move the hell on. She still sends him emails and still asks him to call her anytime I confront her about it. She has told my husband that she is working on her relationship with her husband but I’ve been advised that she and her husband are not working on their marriage and if they are not divorced they will be eventually. Her husband is fully aware of the situation and she even gave me his phone number which to me tells me that she was correct when she mentioned a year ago she was divorcing him. My husband said this started with them venting to each other about the stress at work as they worked in the same industry initially and the stress at home and her failing marriage and his trouble with our marriage… Just like the same old BS my wife doesn’t understand me crap. He refuses to believe that she is pursuing him despite the fact she won’t leave him alone and she constantly brushed him with calls and text messages before he even responded to one. My husband owns his own company and she even said she wanted a job with him. All she saw was dollar signs thinking he’s Rich because he has his own company. He paid for everything so she obviously thinks he’s got cash but what he did is go into debt for over $3,500 of our money in order to do this. She arranged for people to harass me via my phone and continues to try and maintain a relationship of any sort with my husband. She is a 31 year old petulant self-obsessed desperate child and only worried about herself and what this has done to her. She shows no remorse and is belligerent at the fact that I’ve communicated with her and supposedly threatened her when I told her I was going to make it public if she didn’t stop.