My 46- year old husband has admitted to having an affair with this now 23-year old woman who presents herself as a very religious orthodox jew, belonging to the Meyerland Minyan synagogue in Houston, Texas. I have also read over 40 emails between the two of them, detailing the affair and describing, in detail, how they began their affair on the morning of Valentine’s Day Feb. 14, 2016 following an outing with several other members of the synagogue; how she knew from the very beginning of the affair that he was a married man; how she was, during the course of her affair with my husband, herself involved with a man that the Rabbi’s wife had set her up as a siddutch (‘a match’). The emails also detail how my husband, who was in town for an extended work commitment, moved Yiska Sarah into his apartment and they spent the majority of the evenings together.

Yiska Sarah even assumed the role of wife in a religious, not simply sexual, sense – lighting candles for my husband as if she were his wife, etc. There is even an email exchange in which, when my husband began to have doubts regarding the relationship, Yiska Sarah then used the tenets of Orthodox Judaism to convince my husband that G’d himself wanted and desired their relationship… telling him that listening to his fears and doubts makes it so he is not listening to his “neshamas and, by proxy, Hashem… as well as our hearts are very well aware of each other and that we are two halves. The external trappings of life, our brains, what we consider rational thought, and this-worldly experience lead us both to fear and question what our intrinsic and Divine natures know to be true.” I have since been told of several other affairs with either married men or engaged men; it seems that, due to the fact that her mother left her with she was 12, she now can only feel worthy if she takes men away from other women…. and, claim to do so because G’d wills it….