This nasty whore calls herself an “Evangelist”, a woman of God, and her FB profile is about her being spiritual/godly. Well, I don’t know how many “evangelists” send sexually explicit pictures and videos to a man in a relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years, 4 of which he’s been working overseas in Afghanistan as a contractor.

To be honest, I don’t know how long they have been chatting on FB, but I’m thinking, from the emails I saw, it started around March of this year. He recently came home from Afghanistan for 3 weeks, and I could sense something wasn’t right about him/us. Anytime I would post something about him being home and tagged him, he never approved the post, and it wouldn’t show up on his FB. This was a FIRST, as he always approved my posts for everyone to see. I noticed this a few months before he came home, but didn’t say anything. The other thing that was weird, was that there were some women, supposedly high school classmates of his that would comment on his pictures things like “ooohhhh baby what a hotty” and other things, that to me, were disrespectful. I asked him to delete the comments but he refused, telling me I wasn’t going to control him. In the past he would delete those comments with no argument. I even told him that if he allowed these women to say things like that on FB where everyone could see, I could only imagine what he allowed in private messages where nobody could see. My intuition was right.

He went out one day and left his FB open on his Ipad, so I looked at his messages, and to my surprise, I found months worth of inappropriate messages between him and the “evangelist” Yolunda. At first, I could tell she pursued him, came on strong, but eventually he fell for it. She sent him pictures of her nasty cunt, asking him if he liked them and telling him she was thinking of him. I also checked his emails and discovered that she sent him many videos of her pleasuring herself with dildos. It was quite nauseating and humiliating to me. When I confronted him, he said it was just “cyber shit” and it didn’t mean anything. He told me he NEVER cheated on me! I told him if he thinks that what he did is not cheating, he needs to get his head examined. What hurt me most is that she kept sending him FB messages while he was here asking him if he was home, she was checking on him, wondering if he was ok. He finally responded to her and told her “ I’m home but can’t communicate because of my girl” and “I’ll let you know what’s up when I can”. The messages show that they had plans of meeting while he’s home. She kept telling him it would be “hot wet sex, no strings attached”. This is so painful and disgusting to me!!! Why would an “evangelist” pursue a man in a relationship. Of course, she’s not the only one to blame.

I ended it and took all his things to his house and changed the locks on my house. It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do. But I am so mad that he did this to me, to us, to our family. We were making plans of him moving in when he finishes his job in a couple months in Afghanistan. We were making plans for the future. It’s so heartbreaking. I’ve been here for him, waiting for him the 4 years he’s been working overseas, taking care of his things here in the states, taking care of his house, his yard, everything. For what?? So he could throw it in the garbage for this skank ghetto whore. Well, this is HIS loss!! They belong with each other. He was lucky to have me.