Not only did I have the pleasure of living with this girl along with a few of my friends in the past and present (that can agree with everything stated) or at least got to experience the piss smell that lingers behind her (I mean that literally unfortunately), but I also got to experience the two faced scheming b1tch that she is. She has a major drinking and substance problem hence her being a twig and also is a literal alcohol baby. Might be why she can’t seem to finish school or get past grade 10 lol. She will date men (all ages) until she gets bored or a better situation comes up and leave them for nothing. Heartless and frankly a hot mess she still finds the time to entertain sugar daddies and who knows what else (her new boyfriend eeek sorry buddy). This girl has serious issues with obsessing over ex’s, ex friends, enemies ect. But will tell everyone you’re that way or in other words obsessed with her or somehow intrigued by her sad life, no matter who you are. She is the definition of a hypocrite and a narcissist. Basically anything she can talk sh1t about, she’s down. I’ve seen this obsessive behaviour first hand and it is genuinely sickening. She also steals everything down to change out of a change jars/batteries in your remote, if she has use for it she WILL take it like a literal hobo. Side note: She’s also a literal witch and practices Wicca regularly and negatively/incorrectly most times so if you ever get a sense of bad/negative energy around her it’s probably that. You pick. You can take a girl out of the slums, can’t take the slums out the girl. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting this girl all I gotta say is. Good luck.