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Yellow Anarkali — Unable to place a return request

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – I ordered a Yellow Anarkali; I received the package after 10 days and unfortunately, it was totally different from what I ordered. Therefore I looked in for replacement and placed tons of calls but nothing went through as they have only one contact number and that too was not […]

read more — Damaged product with no return options

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – I bought two Kurds on sale from this online shopping platform and now got a damaged product. Now that I’m looking for a return option they’re saying I don’t have an account. Great! I want my money refunded and this product back to the seller.

read more — Warning Do not hire Them! — Warning Do not hire Them!

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – Do not hire It was a nightmare and it has ruined my son birthday party. sent a clown by name of William Mckeithan when he came he was funny and he looked just like a real clown. then about 28 mins him being at my sons party […]

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Michael A Schern Esq — Shyster Attorney

Michael A Schern, Esq — Shyster Attorney

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – Michael Schern is unprofessional and needs to educate himself when it comes to new laws passed in Arizona. How corrupt can an attorney get in order to make a buck off victims of real estate? This guy is the biggest loser ever to pass a bar examination. He is […]

read more — Didn’t Refund Money

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – I took Owner Super money back plan from “” worth 12000 rs including taxes. The agency promised me that they will find a tenant for sure and if they didn’t find the tenant in 60 days, they will refund the whole amount. They will provide a Relationship manager and […]

read more — Did not received order

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – I ordered items worth Rs. 535.00. my order number is #3808 which they have provided on 9-3-2021. on 10-3-2021 I got a message your order was shipped. But still, I did not get any order or message. I opened the site also it is not opening. it is going […]

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Anaxturia It Services — Fake Company

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – Providing fake experience letters, salary slips, all documents to candidates in software testing, automation testing, ETL testing. One of my known who has never work with that even not other company has put 3+ Years experience of that company. And doing Job with that fake experience letter, Is that […]

read more — Scammers

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – This company is a cyber crime company. They are looting people. They have a online website where they take orders with pre payment of bike parts. After taking the money they dont provide any update. They will share fake tracking IDs. I placed an order on 6th March. I […]

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Cygna Entreprise — Online data entry job fraud

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – I was doing 10 day job in Cygna Enterprise for Rs.40,000, and despite me not breaking any rule they are filling case against me for the breach of law. I don’t know there address I right or not but i want to give there mobile no. against which strict […]

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National Cash Offer — Absolutely Horrible

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – I wish I could say this company is a+ but my experience with them is an F. Their communication with sellers is absolutely horrible. It took from November to past first closing date to let me know what information they needed The escrow company they used had communication issues. […]

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