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Marivel Yvette Herrera — Fargo- North Dakota

Marivel Yvette Herrera — Fargo, North Dakota

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – Everybody needs to beware of this desperate Physco. She will go after your man and will do anything to seduce married men if she can’t keep him she will destroy him by calling his wife, job even the cops… makes up her own stories and has gotten away with […]

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Dave Servinski — Watford City- North Dakota

Dave Servinski — Watford City, North Dakota

The Worst Gold Diggers Author – This man has had four wives. He left his third wife 10 days after she gave birth to his son. He now doesn’t even claim that child as his own. When his son looks just like him. He likes to refer to his ex-wives as Cunts. Dave is a […]

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